bret-hornRedux Technology originated as Remede Products around 1990 as an informal joint venture between Windham Environmental Corporation in Newfane, VT and Jamestown Chemicals of West Haven, CT. The company sought to develop and market the first deposit control chemicals formulated specifically for the remedial marketplace.

After initial development work and field testing, a patent was granted for the FeREMEDE deposit control formulation in 1994. Steady growth in sales occurred through the late 1990’s, and has continued to date. Redux Technology was adapted as a new company name, along with a US trademark registration, around 2002. In 2008, Azure Water Services was formed with the merger of Redux, Jamestown and Water Solutions. Since that time the company has averaged 15% growth in spite of economic conditions.

The company was founded by Brad Horn, who continues to serve as Division President. Mr. Horn is a registered chemical engineer with over thirty years of experience in the groundwater remediation field. Key technical staff include Greg Warnke, Operations Director, and Gary Richards, Technical Director. Brad and Gary support a small team of field salespeople, while Greg oversees general customer service and production. Redux is headquartered in West Haven, CT, where production, laboratory and administrative staff are based. The company also ships products from Oakland, CA and Baltimore, MD using contract blenders.

Water Treatment Chemical

Water Treatment Chemical from Redux

Redux Technology develops and markets water treatment chemical products that are designed to reduce operations and maintenance costs in groundwater remediation systems. Typically our products have been developed to address specific operating problems encountered in the remedial field. The company was established in 1990, with primary expertise in the area of controlling and eliminating deposits (fouling) in remedial systems. In the 1990’s the company established itself as the premier provider of products to effectively control fouling problems in the groundwater remediation marketplace.

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