Bioemulsion Services

Case Studies

Since 1990, Redux Technology has provided deposit control agents and other specialty chemicals to remedial sites across the US, as well as in Canada, Europe, China and South America. Case Studies presented below provide a brief overview of several noteworthy applications. More detailed information is available regarding these and any other applications, upon request.

 Technical papers

Redux technology staff regularly attend industry conferences not only to market our products, but also to stay informed about recent technical developments, and present technical papers. Several key conference presentations are provided below for your use or distribution.

Water Treatment Chemical

Water Treatment Chemical from Redux

Redux Technology develops and markets water treatment chemical products that are designed to reduce operations and maintenance costs in groundwater remediation systems. Typically our products have been developed to address specific operating problems encountered in the remedial field. The company was established in 1990, with primary expertise in the area of controlling and eliminating deposits (fouling) in remedial systems. In the 1990’s the company established itself as the premier provider of products to effectively control fouling problems in the groundwater remediation marketplace.

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