Redux Technology regularly provides technical information in response to inquiries submitted by current and prospective customers. Our feedback might involve anything from design advice, to judgments on the likelihood of fouling to informal cost estimates to formal quotations. In order to respond adequately to such inquiries, we often request basic site information. In some cases more detailed information or site visits might be required, but we can often provide substantial feedback with the basic data detailed in our downloadable site information form.

Completed forms can be faxed to Redux at 203-933-1751, or emailed to Typically, our tech support engineers can respond to inquiries via email or phone promptly after they are submitted.


Water Treatment Chemical

Water Treatment Chemical from Redux

Redux Technology develops and markets water treatment chemical products that are designed to reduce operations and maintenance costs in groundwater remediation systems. Typically our products have been developed to address specific operating problems encountered in the remedial field. The company was established in 1990, with primary expertise in the area of controlling and eliminating deposits (fouling) in remedial systems. In the 1990’s the company established itself as the premier provider of products to effectively control fouling problems in the groundwater remediation marketplace.

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